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HERMES Silk Maitre de la Foret Scarf

Silk Maitre de la Foret Scarf






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Made in France. Hermès Maitres De La Foret 140 Geant scarf in red and burgundy silk (100%) with details in forest green, petrol, light green, olive green, white and black. Item is in excellent condition. Printed on the iconic silk material, this shawl is supple, light and easy to wear. The ideal companion for cold days or cooler evenings! Evocative of manuscript illuminations, stained glass and gem setting, Émeline Piot's line unveils a mythological world. Here the stag, the guardian of the forest, draws legendary beings and wild animals into a strange dance. Fairy musicians, peaceful lions and proud birds populate this wonderful insignia-like fresco like a new genre of coat of arms, inviting the observer to explore luxuriant nature. All the woodland creatures, set with a thousand facets, reveal their mystery.

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