Collectible 1986 gold plated lion on a coin clip on earrings SIZE: 3.5 cm COLOR: Gold CONDITION: Excellent Unique coin clip on earrings featuring a lion meticulously designed. Lion and small "CC" stamps along with raised "Chanel" wording across the top. The earrings are rich in color and made in France. The back of the earrings features the interlocked CC logo with the numbers 2 and 3 for season 23 which relates to the year 1986. Chanel jewelry has been stamped that way from season 23 to season 19 when Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has brought in Victoire de Castellane as head designer of costume jewelry. This pair of earrings feature the iconic lion which Coco Chanel was fond of. It was actually for her much more than a logo and she has always adorned her apartment in the Rue Cambon with it: bronze, marble, or wood on a table or a fireplace, king of the animals and had a prominent place near his cigarettes and his scissors Coco was born on the 19th of August 1883 under the sign of the lion, the fifth sign of the zodiac. As the number 5 (the name of her famous perfume), she sees the lion a lucky charm The lion protects her creations: it is engraved on the buttons of her tweed suits, and the clasps of her famous handbags. For Coco Chanel, the coincidence is not art of this world. The lion is like she was instinctive, impetuous and solar, Victoire de Castellane was paying her tribute to Coco Chanel by featuring the lion for her very first season of costume jewelry for the “maison Chanel”. This pair of earrings stamped 2669 and is a great collectible for connaisseurs who are fond of Coco Chanel and the “Maison Chanel” or for anyone looking for a forever timeless and feminine pair of earrings Item sold by our special collector, Esprit Mademoiselle

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