Dark Brown Tote Bag https://media.styletribute.com/products/52086/620x620/raj13688p1.jpg MATERIAL: Guccissima Leather(*) COLOR: Brown CONDITION: Very Good LxWxD: 40x22x20cm *About Guccissima Leather Guccissima in Italian literally means the most Gucci. The suffix -issima in Italian is a superlative much like -est in English. The phrase is akin to saying something like "So Gucci!" Guccissima leather is in fact so Gucci with embossed Gs connected in a diamond pattern; it would be hard to mistake the pattern for another brand. The Guccissima print was introduced on leather by the former head accessories designer, Frida Giannini who became creative director of the brand in 2006 . GUCCI
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