White damier Canvas Damier Azur Siracusa PM https://media.styletribute.com/products/163056/620x620/8cb596a689b864d152f1bcba6dfddea6.jpg The Siracusa PM features a damier azur canvas body, flat leather strap, top zip closure, and interior open pocket. [Supplier Rating] 6 [Supplier Condition Description] 【outside】 · Overall ⇒ Small dirt (also contains dirt noticeable in the main mouth) · Bottom ⇒ Distinctive endless but not torn · Back ⇒ There is a change in one change, noticeable (color transfer) · Strap ⇒ (with a small scratch in the bracket part) / black / deterioration is divided into two · Main mouth ⇒ Distinctive but not torn · bracket plating peeling · Nume leather ⇒ thin rainflow / somewhat burning 【Inside】 · Overall ⇒ thin and dirty (with dirt noticeable in the main mouth) / Small stain (with back, side, pocket) 【Remarks】 · There is damage to the accessories Inclusions: Dust Bag Louis Vuitton pieces do not come with an authenticity card�please refer to the production date code within the bag for its age and as an authenticity reference. Hand Drop: 5.50 cm Shoulder Drop: 53.00 cm Delivery will be within 1-2 weeks as this item will be coming from our international warehouse. LOUIS VUITTON
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