Woven Tote https://media.styletribute.com/products/114992/620x620/edt-d81d93f267456aa7d89086f35b18f07d.jpg This is a beautiful dark red-black checkered Prada Madras tote in Raffia leather. When it was first launched, it was sold out and was seen on the arms of Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba and Uma Thurman - a trio of style-setters.. It has been stored lovingly in a temperature controlled cabinet. Shape may be slightly bent due to storage. Measurements as given but height of 30cm excludes handle which if held upright will add another 11cm to the height. Width of 34cm is at its widest length. Shape of bag is tapered, slightly narrower on TOP and wider at base. Comes with detachable shoulder strap and authenticity card. PRADA
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