Brown Monogram Canvas Petit Noe France The Petit Noe features a monogram canvas body, an adjustable flat leather shoulder strap, and a top drawstring closure. [Supplier Rating] 6 [Supplier Condition Description] 【outside】 ・ Overall ⇒ Small scratches / thinner / Dirty / shape luminous / bracket plating peeled off, and some rust can be seen ・ The bottom ⇒ Horn rubbing slightly ・ Strap ⇒ Square rubbing slightly / darkening / cracks ・ Main exit ⇒ Horn rubbing slightly / cracked slightly (also on the knot, it is noticeable) ・ Nume leather ⇒ There are noticeable rain stains / burns, and discolored to American colors (darkening) [Inside] ・ Overall ⇒ Small scratches / thinly dirty ・ The bottom ⇒ Many small spots / fraying noticeable 【Notices】 ・ There is odor when saving Exterior Back Worn. Exterior Bottom Worn, Scratched. Exterior Bottom stained with Water Mark, Other. Exterior Corners Scratched, Worn. Exterior Front Scratched. Exterior Handle Scratched, Worn, Cracked. Exterior Handle stained with Water Mark, Other. Exterior Side Scratched, Worn. Exterior Top Worn, Scratched. Interior Lining Worn. Interior Lining stained with Other. Practical Attachment Scratched, Rusty/Tarnished. Inclusions: This item does not come with inclusions. Louis Vuitton pieces do not come with an authenticity card�please refer to the production date code within the bag for its age and as an authenticity reference. Hand Drop: 26.00 cm Shoulder Drop: 27.00 cm Serial Number: AP8907 Country of Origin: France Delivery will be within 1-2 weeks as this item will be coming from our international warehouse. LOUIS VUITTON
620 SGD