Brown Monogram Canvas Batignolles Vertical France The Batignolles features a monogram canvas body, flat leather handles, an open top, and interior slip pockets. [Supplier Rating] 6 [Supplier Condition Description] 【outside】 ・ Overall ⇒ Small scratches / shape loss slightly / bracket plating peeling ・ The bottom ⇒ The corner rubbing is noticeable, but it does not break / Small dirt ・ Handle ⇒ Rubbing noticeable / darkening (including the body nume leather) / Slightly cracked ・ Main mouth ⇒ Horn rubbing slightly ・ Nume leather ⇒ There are noticeable rain stains / burns, and discolored to American colors [Inside] ・ Overall ⇒ It is thin and dirty ・ The bottom ⇒ Small spots (with ink marks) Inclusions: This item does not come with inclusions. Louis Vuitton pieces do not come with an authenticity card�please refer to the production date code within the bag for its age and as an authenticity reference. Hand Drop: 13.00 cm Shoulder Drop: 13.00 cm Serial Number: VI0095 Country of Origin: France Delivery will be within 1-2 weeks as this item will be coming from our international warehouse. LOUIS VUITTON
1080 SGD