Black with White Nylon Fabric Old Travel Line France This features a nylon body, flat nylon handles, a top zip closure, and interior open pockets. [Supplier Rating] 6 [Supplier Condition Description] 【outside】 ・ Overall ⇒ Small scratches / thinner / dirty / discoloration / slightly out of shape / bracket plating peeled, some rusts are seen / floating in the fabric with wrinkles ・ Handle ⇒ Fluff stands out ・ Main mouth ⇒ Opening and closing is hard ・ Pocket ⇒ Opening and closing is firm [Inside] ・ Overall ⇒ It is thin and dirty 【Notices】 ・ There is mold odor Exterior back is scratched. Exterior front is scratched. Exterior handle is scratched. Studs is rusty and scratched. Zipper is scratched and tarnished. Interior lining is discolored and ripped. Inclusions: This item does not come with inclusions. Hand Drop: 17.00 cm Serial Number: 6263654 Country of Origin: France CHANEL
1030 SGD